About Us

Company Objectives

All service users receive excellent, compassionate care, at the right time at the right place by the right people by the following:

  • Staff are supported to provide the best possible care and are professionally supported to do this
  • Staff are supported to grow personally and feel supported at all times
  • Staff continually develop their skills and knowledge and are able to grow individually
  • Arista is seen in the market place as a ‘leader’ that delivers outstanding results that supports individuals, teams and organisations
  • We offer organisations, teams and individuals a set of skills and resources to develop resilience to be able to provide the best care and compassion to service users

The Arista vision is to support individuals, teams and organisations to provide excellent, compassionate care so that all patients receive a high quality service.

Nicola Jackson

The support from across the country for the #NHS1000miles challenge to celebrate the #NHS70 is just fabulous #selfcare #resilience #prevention

The Arista team would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy 2018.